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Гостевая книга

Гостевая книга

Группа участников программы профессионально-ознакомительного обмена Ротари Интернэшнл из канадского округа Альберта 07.05.2010 побывали в гостях у Сергея Токарева.

The Rotary International Group Study Exchange Team from District 5360 in Alberta, Canada had the distinct pleasure of visiting with Sergey Tokarev, Master Boat Builder in the Village of Galinskoe, outside of Cherepovets, in May of 2010.

We all LOVED Sergey! He is a creative, thoughtful, resourceful and committed man who absolutely LOVES his work! We were very impressed by the amazing detail, the quality of his drawings and craftsmanship, the range and types of boats that he builds, in addition to the humor that he adds to his pieces of art.

Sergey is one-of-a-kind and I have the boat he gave me as a gift sitting proudly in my living room.

Herky Cutler
GSE Team Leader

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